Food & High Fives – Yokosuka, Japan

Dublin Dock’s Tavern

We’ve been to Dublin Dock’s Tavern twice and that was one time too many. As I’m sure you can tell by the name, it’s an Irish bar, located in the middle of the Honch. The first time we went, we just had drinks and the place was full of smoke and I was on the verge of getting sick so it was a less than stellar experience, although Rob liked the atmosphere. It’s a small place and it seems like everyone who hangs out there smokes so during our second trip in, it was also full of cigarette smoke. The other day, Rob was super hangry so we decided to go in there and eat, and I figured I would just power through the second hand smoke. Rob ordered Kilkenny fried chicken with potato wedges and I ordered fish and chips, per bar tender recommendation, and we both left disappointed. Whoever was in charge of cooking that day doesn’t know what they’re doing. My fish was cooked all the way through, but breaded very poorly, like they had started frying the fish before the oil was hot enough to crisp the breading. Rob had the oppoosite issue with his chicken, which was dry & overcooked, and the breading was dark, like they kept frying it in an effort to cook the chicken all the way and ended up burning the outside. We were both bummed when we left, especially Rob, who had been so hungry & was really unsatisfied. Needless to say, we’re over that place.

Kilkenny is an Irish cream ale made by Guinness. I’ve never had it but apparently it’s popular & this place is supposedly the only spot you can find it around her.


Rock City

We don’t hang out at any one spot too regularly, mostly because Rob’s work schedule has been such a nightmare so I’d have to hit up the bars by myself. However, sometimes when we can go out, we end up at Rock City. Several of Rob’s friends have been in Japan for work before this, and apparently this is their go-to bar. They’re like a tavern, with the dark lighting, a pool table & darts. They also play pretty much nothing but rock n’ roll so that makes everyone happy, especially Rob. I’m not sure how they managed to get all these girls to do it, but the ceiling and beams are lines with the bras of girls who signed their names on them and then apparently didn’t mind walking home without them… kinda funny. Last time we were there was a blast. It was a week night, which doesn’t usually deter the sailors at all, but tonight, the place was pretty dead. Rob & I met up with his friend, Bryce, and spent the entire evening there. Rob ordered hot wings and said they were the best wings he’d had in a while. (They don’t make to food there at Rock City but have an agreement with one of the other businesses, and it’s cool because the bar tender will go grab your food for you!) He was also several Suffering Bastards in, though, so who knows if they were actually that good or if he’d just had that much alcohol. I didn’t eat any so I can’t say one way or another. I wasn’t interested in his wings because I was far more interested in chatting with the two bar tenders who were on duty that night. I can’t remember one’s name and I can’t spell the other’s name… it was pronounced “Now.” Anyway, “Now” spoke a little English but the other guy actually spoke it pretty well. We spent a lot of the night talking about food. “Now” has tried a lot more foods than Bar Tender #1, but BT#1 did tell me has eaten soft shell turtle. I hate the idea of that but sometimes I just have to remind myself that this isn’t my cuture! “Now” has tried quite a few other things that I’d never eat also. Anyway, ultimately, it was super fun chatting with them, and sometimes we would have to pull out the translators on the phones but it all worked out. I’ve actually never seen any bar tenders besides the two of them in there but they’re a lot of fun and I can be very outgoing when I drink so I’m sure they were also entertained. They should really appreciate us because that was one expensive bar tab. It’s really the only night we’ve partied hard since we’ve been here and this is probably one of the cooler spots near us.

We almost left some money sitting on the counter and had already left the bar and traveled a little ways up the Honch when BT#1 came running after us to give us our money. So that was nice of him because he easily could have kept it. Good people in there.

They sell beer here but mixed drinks seem to be in much higher demand. It’s REALLY difficult to find bars that sell the kinds of things we drink, like the IPA’s, athough if you go to a liquor store or some specialty shops, you’ll have a little more luck. We’ve even come across a couple Seattle beers. The two main beers we’ve seen so far are Sapporo and Kirin, both generally lagers, which isn’t our preference but we have one occasionally. At the bars, beer is much more expensive than mixed drinks. A lager (basically like a Coors Light) could cost like $5-8 (sometimes more), give or take, but the mixed drinks are usually between $3-$5 and they make it count, serving them in beer mugs and large glasses, and they aren’t stingy with the alcohol. If you want to get more bang for your buck, skip the beer.

At Rock City, they keep it easy. 100 Yen is $1.00.

Chu-hi is the drink of choice for Americans around here. They’re alright… I’ve had better but they’re not bad, but everyone loves them and they are sold in pretty much every bar and restaurant near here. If you venture a little further out, where things are less Americanized, this might not be the case. When we go to Rock City, Rob much prefers to order a Suffering Bastard but most other places, chu-hi is the main option. You can get a chu-hi in a variety of fruity flavors and you can also get a chu hi in a can.

This is also the night of High 5’s. I was in such a good mood that I walked down the Honch, high fiving sailors as I went. If I’m being honest, I have very little recollection of this but apparently, I was having a great time. I don’t usually party it up like that anymore! When we were near the hotel, I decided I wanted to chat with my Egyptian friends at Alibaba.

The three of us got a little carried away that night.


We haven’t done much this week so there hasn’t been much else to write about. Hopefully that won’t be the case next week because the goal is to finally go hang out in Tokyo on Sunday. I’m pretty excited for that.

It’s interesting to see all the different foods here but I know sometimes things aren’t as authentic as they could be, catering to the Americans.

Now I have to decide which kind of curry I want for dinner.