This Is Where We're Living – Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan

(January 2019)

We are staying at Hotel New Yokosuka.

Based on what people had been saying, and what I’d read prior to coming to Japan, we were pretty sure our home away from home was going to be super tiny. It seems that all the apartments out here are very small so I definitely had some mild concerns, although not enough to change my mind about coming to Japan! There was no way I was going to miss out on this opportunity and there’s no way I’d ever be willing to be apart from Rob for four+ months.

Shortly before we left, we found out we’d be living in a hotel room for the duration of our trip. This was actually a relief to us, because we figured a hotel room would probably cater more to the rest of the world with the size of the rooms. Living in a hotel definitely has its up and downs. We’re given fresh towels every day, we have a bar downstairs, we have endless hot water, among many other perks. On the flip side, the kitchen is small, I don’t have much for cooking appliances and utensils (a challenge for someone who owns so many kitchen things), and we’re basically spending all these months in a single room. We don’t complain, though, because we get to spend this time getting to know Japan and the majority of our bills are paid! The fact that I don’t have to work and can play housewife for a few months is also pretty rad.

I would compare this room to that of a Holiday Inn in America. It’s nothing fancy but it’s definitely nice enough and serves its purpose. We have a queen sized bed, we have a large wrap around desk, tons of storage space, some complimentary appliances & dishes, a couple of chairs… all the basics! I wish the fridge was a little bigger but I can work with it. The bathroom has a heated toilet seat, which Rob thinks is the coolest thing ever. Oh, and then there’s the TV in the shower!

On the first floor, they actually have a pretty nice bar (cash only) and dining area. They offer complimentary breakfasts in the morning and theirs is a big step up from most of the ones I’ve seen in the US! The breakfasts accommodate the tastes of the people staying here, mainly US citizens, and the food is mostly American. You have the basic eggs, bacon, french toast, fruit & orange juice. However, the breakfast also features a salad bar and the occasional Japanese rice or noodle dish for people to try, making for an interesting combination of foods for that hour. There’s usually a plate with a rotation of different types of fried seafood as well. Sometimes, it’s shrimp tempura and I can eat my weight in that stuff. The first couple of mornings, I enjoyed some french toast, bacon and orange juice. Rob & I don’t typically eat breakfast but Rob is pretty excited about the “free” aspect of it. We’ve gone down for breakfast most mornings, so I’ve decided I should probably make wiser breakfast choices going forward!

All of their staff is friendly and helpful, the most friendly definitely being the guy who runs the kitchen. That guy is such a morning person and is always so happy to see everyone at 5:30 am.

The hotel provides guests with a laundry facility. If you want to pay a little extra, housekeeping will do your laundry for you. I get why young single guys might pay for that service but I have time and we both prefer for me to do the laundry. Laundry is done on the second floor, on the complete opposite end of the building from where we’re staying. At least I can get some steps in that way. If you look at the pictures I’ve posted, you’ll see that there are wooden pallets for people to walk on. What you can’t see if that the washers and dryers are outside, on a deck. I’m just grateful that they don’t cost any money and laundry soap is provided.

Below are pictures of New Hotel Yokosuka!