My husband comes from a Navy family & spent his childhood periodically moving, & aside from Washington, has also lived in California, Connecticut & Puerto Rico. I’ve lived in Washington State my entire life.

Growing up, Rob’s family did a little more vacationing than mine did so he’s seen a few more places than me, and most of what I’ve seen is along the west coast (or close to it) & Canada. We spend a lot of time in Las Vegas.

Neither of us have done much for international travel but we both have the desire to change that!

We were fortunate to live in Yokosuka, Japan for four months at the beginning of 2019. If we thought we were interested in traveling before, man, we are REALLY interested now! It was an amazing experience and one which I chronicalled on another blogging site and has been transfered to this one & edited along the way.

I’m excited to share our time in Japan, as well as any other trips we’ll be taking over time.

Japan – Round 2